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Delivering on Safety Improvements 

We are working with AQuA to deliver our Safety Collaborative Programme across our member organisations. As part of this, we are jointly running a series of events to support staff responsible for patient safety across the region.

We have sub-divided the events into ‘Patient Safety Network’ sessions and ‘Capability Building’ modules.

The network is designed for Executive sponsors, Safety Leads (including anyone leading on ‘Sign Up to Safety’) and Safety Champions/Teams from across Greater Manchester, East Lancashire and East Cheshire health and care economies to come together as a learning network in order to:

  • Determine safety priorities, develop and implement solutions to problems.
  • Understand patient safety culture.
  • Collate quality and safety expertise within your own organisation, establish the baseline level and determine where / how this should be developed.
  • Work with AQuA and GM AHSN to determine how best to build a knowledge base within your organisation, and access capability building support to attain this
  • Provide support in the delivery on your Sign Up to Safety pledges and plans

The capability building modules are designed to increase the quality and safety knowledge base within organisations, with particular reference to three core areas – human factors, measurement and culture. Each organisation is encouraged to nominate staff members to access this learning opportunity. A more comprehensive capability building programme is planned for 2015/16, and the two network events will help shape the support required by members, with particular reference to the Sign Up to Safety campaign.

AQuA programme final report 2016