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Research and Informatics Workstream

Our research programme is being led by Dr Martin Gibson, Director of Research and our informatics programme is being led by Gary Leeming, Director of Informatics.


The focus of our research workstream is to create the environment, culture, pathways and processes to efficiently set up, deliver and monitor studies.

Our goals include:

  • Recruiting 25,000 patients for consent to approach, in partnership with the NIHR CRN: GM
  • Establishing a unified point of access for life sciences and biotech companies
  • Implementing a software tool to support electronic feasibility and recruitment. Our aim will be to increase the number of academic trials and commercial studies.


Our aim to develop world-class informatics is being delivered through our DataWell programme. The ambition is to create a facility that enables individuals to take ownership and responsibility for their own wellbeing.

Our goals include:

  • Achieving 100% sign up by member organisations to a willingness to share data
  • Production of a full business case for DataWell
  • Carrying out a census of existing NHS and academic activity
  • Identify and support a minimum of five local development projects supporting the informatics objectives

Datawell is all about linking care data in order to empower citizens and to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of care services so that our population lives healthier and longer lives.

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