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Public Involvement & Engagement

We are committed to ensuring that a broad public perspective is represented through our work. 

GM AHSN defines ‘public’ as being anyone who is not already actively involved within the sphere of health and social care in a professional capacity. We seek to include members of the public in shaping our work and decision making process, drawing on the examples of existing public engagement groups in this region.

We have set out our aims and objectives in more detail in a public involvement and engagement framework, which can be viewed here. This framework has been updated with input from the GM AHSN Public Experience Group (PEG).

The PEG was formed in the autumn of 2015. The group meets every month to discuss a range of topics relating to GM AHSN’s workstreams. For example:

  • Public members have been actively involved in a stakeholder event about improving the identification and management of familial hypercholesterinaemia (FH)
  • PEG members sat on the most recent selection panel for our Technology Innovation Challenge awards
  • PEG meetings are currently focusing on DataWell and how to introduce the DataWell Exchange and Accelerator projects to the patients and the public

If you would like to learn more about our public involvement and engagement work please contact Cara Afzal, Programme Development Lead for Health and Implementation or Sarah Thew, Innovation and User Experience Manager on admin@gmahsn.org. You can also search for #GMAHSN_Public on Twitter.


Our Vision is to listen to our public members so we can understand their perspectives on the GM AHSN work streams and provide a mechanisms for them to act to ensure that their voice is fully integrated into our work.


Our Aim is to ensure that at all levels of the GM AHSN public involvement and engagement becomes a core responsibility of all staff and public involvement and engagement environment is actively nurtured so it becomes the norm.

Reflections from the GM AHSN Public Experience Group

Sumaira Naseem, Karen Hasid and Alan Campbell are members of the GM AHSN Public Experience Group. In this blog they discuss their experiences of the group so far.

Alan Campbell

Alan is active within the Patient & Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE), world and has a keen interest in Health Informatics and Data-Linkage.

He has lived with Type 1 Diabetes...

Sumaira Naseem

As well as her role as the Vice Public Co-chair for GM AHSN’s Public Involvement and Engagement group, Sumaira is a postgraduate research student. Her PhD seeks to write a holistic story of the...

Joan Chantrell

Joan has had a varied career working as an interpreter, sub editor, advertising copywriter and inner city development worker. For the last 13 years of her full time working life she worked for the...

Penny Noel

Penny lectures in HE; her subject area is education. She has undertaken extensive research into equality, diversity, differential achievement and student demographics. Penny has always been...

Nicholas Filer

Nicholas has lived much of his life with 2 chronic conditions, which has given him cause to use NHS services frequently. Whilst positive about the treatment he has received, Nicholas recognises the...

Karen Hasid

Karen is a mum of two, who in recent years has become involved in the cholesterol charity HEART UK due to her family being affected by familial hypercholesterolaemia. As a result of this...

Ingrid Brindle

Ingrid is chair of the Patient Participation Group at Haughton Thornley Medical Centres in Hyde, Cheshire. She is also chair of the local cluster group of PPGs. Ingrid is a member of the NHS...

Soray Sisay

Soray is a Chartered Professional Project Manager who has worked in Construction for over 25 years. During this time he has managed the design and execution of multi-million pound turnkey projects....

Chris Ellison

Chris is a retired ICT teacher. He has a wife and four grown-up children. Before getting into teaching Chris had a variety of jobs including bricklaying, warehousing, and supermarket management....