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Mental Health & Dementia

Following the integration of the Greater Manchester and East Cheshire Strategic Clinical Networks (GMEC SCNs) and GM AHSN, we are now working jointly on a portfolio of work, designed to realise the vision for the transformation of mental health services, including dementia, in Greater Manchester.  

Partnership working is essential in achieving our objectives and we work closely with the national mental health, dementia and neurological clinical directors and the third sector in delivering our programmes and projects.

“The NHS needs a far more proactive and preventative approach to reduce the long term impact for people experiencing mental health problems and for their families, and to reduce costs for the NHS and emergency services”

The Five Year View for Mental Health (2016)

Mental Health Projects

The implementation of the Greater Manchester Liaison Mental Health Strategy

The Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Network (GM AHSN) is working with the Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire Strategic Clinical Network (GMEC SCN) and a group of clinicians to develop a GM Liaison Mental Health strategy.  Liaison Mental Health is the term used to describe mental health specialists that work with patients with both physical and mental health problems.  The strategy will outline how GM will meet the national target of attaining Core24 status in acute hospitals - that is having liaison mental health service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in A&E and throughout unplanned care pathways.

For further information on the development of the Liaison Mental Health strategy contact:

Denise Woods, Quality Improvement Senior Project Manager

011382 49429



The CAMHS i-THRIVE Model Implementation  

CAMHS i-THRIVE is a conceptual model which is designed to connect health and social care systems around the needs of families.  i-THRIVE was awarded NHS Innovation Accelerator status and all GM CCGs Transformation plans include this.

For a summary click here.

For further information on the CAMHS i-THRIVE work contact:

Graham Pattison, Interim Quality Improvement Manager (CAMHS Programme), Greater Manchester, & Eastern Cheshire SCN

07786 856272



For more information about any of our Mental Health programmes please contact:

Cara Afzal, Programme Development Lead

0161 206 7951


Dementia Projects

Evidenced based support interactive care pathway for dementia

Currently, not all persons diagnosed with dementia receive the support they need from pre-diagnosis through to end of life.  The overall aim of the project is to have a well-defined evidenced-based support pathway that will enable people with dementia to live well across the GMEC SCNs and GM AHSN footprint. The project will deliver a shared, affordable and achievable dementia care pathway from pre-diagnosis to end of life, including bereavement support for carers. It will be aligned to the NHS England ‘Well pathway for Dementia’. It will provide hyperlinks to evidence-based resources, local work undertaken by GM and EC stakeholders and colleagues and also highlight relevant community and social aspects of dementia care and best practice.  It is also anticipated that the pathway will support the delivery of individualised care planning, with best practice and be able to flex to local population needs and commissioning intentions.

Dementia education and training guidance

The dementia education and training guidance is aimed at commissioners, training leads, education facilitators and service managers involved in the provision of dementia care and services within their localities. The aim is to promote and facilitate dementia education and training across our patch, by providing organisations with guidance to support the identification and implementation of high quality education for staff across health and social care settings. The project is focused on increasing awareness around education and training opportunities and competencies for all staff groups working within dementia services, particularly around the tiers of dementia training. The aspiration is that the delivery of the guidance will complement the dementia core skills education and training framework and support the delivery of various policies and recommendations around the delivery of dementia training for staff providing dementia care, including best practice and examples of work undertaken in this area across the footprint.

Dementia Research

The ambition of GMEC SCN in collaboration with the North West Coast SCN (Cheshire and Mersey, Lancashire and South Cumbria) is to focus on a ‘call to action’ to support the Prime Minister’s Dementia 2020 Implementation Plan by becoming two of the first SCNs across the country to increase recruitment on to the Join Dementia Research (JDR) register towards the target of 25% of people diagnosed with dementia by 2020.

We will actively promote and facilitate participation in dementia research projects by working in collaboration with National Institute of Health Research/JDR to develop and populate a web-based toolkit with best practice around the North region for single access to enable learning and sharing around dementia research priorities.

Our outcomes will be to:

  • enhance engagement with providers and communities (to enable recruitment from dementia cafes/dementia friendly communities as well as at obvious health and social care touchpoints e.g. diagnosis)
  • improve the dementia research register functionality and data that can further encourage recruitment and participation (e.g. more localised data so people ‘own’ their own recruitment rates)
  • increase marketing of JDR via our website, our stakeholder groups in primary care, secondary care and the voluntary/third sector

Other Ongoing pieces of work

Increase of dementia awareness and social action (including Dementia Friends and Dementia-Friendly Communities) as set out in the Prime Ministers Dementia 2020 Implementation Plan. Our work areas have been focused on:

  • Northern Region Quality Improvement Awards:  2017 will mark the first northern region dementia quality improvement awards hosted and run by the four clinical networks in the North in partnership with the four corresponding Dementia Action Alliances.
  • Dementia Matters: To continue to support the investment made towards driving the inter-generational agenda for Dementia awareness in schools across Greater Manchester. The project is anticipated to End March 2017. For full information to the project details and deliverables, please click here
  • Butterfly Scheme: Investment in the Butterfly Scheme project which was recently launched at University South Manchester hospital. For more information, please click here
  • Dementia United: GM AHSN contributed £75,000 towards the Salford Royal Foundation Trust initiative, Dementia United. Over the next five years, through working with partners across Greater Manchester this work aims to improve the lived experiences of people with dementia, and reduce pressure on the health and social care system. In short, Dementia United is aiming to make Greater Manchester the best place in the world to live for people with dementia. For more information please click here.