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IP Essentials has been established by the GM AHSN to provide to provide basic intellectual property (IP) guidance to NHS staff working within Greater Manchester. It is particularly suitable as an aid to NHS Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) who have not yet put in place arrangements to manage innovation and IP in their organisation.

NOTE: The IP Essentials content is for general information purposes only. It is not legal advice.

1. Innovation and IP in the NHS

An overview of the guidance and legislation relating to innovation and IP management in the NHS

2. IP Management

An overview of implementing in IP policy in an NHS organisation

3. NHS Innovation Examples

Examples of the types of innovations that are developed by NHS staff

4. IP Rights

An overview of the different types of IP protection (patents, copyright, design right, trademarks, know-how)

5. Confidentiality

Explains why confidentiality is important and how to use confidential disclosure agreements

6. Funding

Possible sources of funding for developing innovation

Resources and Links

RESOURCES AND LINKS The following links will redirect you to other organisation’s websites. The GM AHSN are not responsible for their content. Information about Intellectual Property...