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Health and Implementation Workstream

Our aim is to:

  • Reduce the differential between Greater Manchester and the rest of England with respect to mortality attributable to cardiovascular disease - improving outcomes to the level of the upper quartile by 2018, potentially saving 1,000 lives.
  • Systematically measure and reduce medication error – demonstrating reductions in harm attributable to medication error by 2018.  

Cardiovascular Disease Programme

(Figures from the British Heart Foundation, CVD statistics 2014)


We have three areas of focus for our cardiovascular disease work. These are informed by the data from the CVD Intelligence Network and the mandate from Greater Manchester CCGs to priorities these three clinical areas:

  • Atrial Fibrillation (AF)
  • High risk vascular disease population identified via Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) registers.
  • Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH)

Patient Safety Collaborative

In October, NHS England and NHS Improving Quality announced the creation of 15 Patient Safety Collaboratives which are being led by the Academic Health Science Networks.

They will focus on improving safety and empowering patients, carers and staff to highlight, challenge and implement local improvements in patient care. This is because AHSNs provide a unique combination of NHS, academia, third sector and industry partners and work across defined geographical areas.

The collaboratives will bring together patients, healthcare staff and other partners from across the health and care economy to determine their local patient safety priorities and to develop and implement solutions to these problems.

Medicines Optimisation is our focus for the Patient Safety Collaborative. It impacts 15 of the 19 safety topics in the matrix and enables our members to work on their medicines safety priority whilst having a cohesive thread across Greater Manchester allowing us to articulate a shared vision and overarching goal.

Our achievements so far include:

  • Identifying our 10 Q Fellows to support the Health Foundation Q Initiative and help support our patient safety work locally
  • Commissioning AQuA to provide a suite of quality improvement modules. A 6 month Sign up to Safety Learning Network has already been launched and going forward over 240 individual module places are available.
  • Commissioning Haelo to run a one year Break Through Series Collaborative for Medicines Safety, as part of Greater Manchester’s collective ambition to be the safest place to take medicines and achieve a 50% reduction in harm from medication errors in acute and community care by March 2016.

Asset Publisher Asset Publisher

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