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DataWell Accelerators


To use DataWell you will need to submit a series of documents to confirm that your use of the DataWell Exchange aligns with current information governance requirements and is meets the principles of use for DataWell.

The first stage is to complete a DA Summary Proposal Form for your project.

Submit this to informatics@gmahsn.org

Your proposal will be reviewed by the DAOB and feedback provided around:

  • Information Governance
  • The DataWell Exchange Requirements
  • Security
  • App usage
  • Timescales
  • Further Development
  • Funding

Once approved for initial use and your proposal added to the DataWell Accelerator pipeline, the following documents should be completed and submitted to informatics@gmahsn.org:

  • Valid Submission Checklist
  • Detailed DA proposal form
  • Impact Assessment form
  • DataWell Exchange Change Request
  • Supporting Documents e.g. R&D approval, funding

Once fully developed these will be reviewed by the DAOB, if your project is fully funded and meets the objectives and requirements of DataWell then it will be approved or further feedback provided.

Do you need support in completing your proposal? Please contact the DataWell Accelerator Programme Manager: Sarah Thew to review the detailed DataWell Accelerator Pipeline Management document.