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The following "Clinical Needs" were brought to us as potential research projects. As part of our evaluation process we identified a number of existing solutions and products that met the need.

We would like to share these with you and have provided details of these solutions/products via the links below.

Clinical Solutions Clinical Solutions

Airway securement device

Products to keep endotracheal tubes (ETTs) and tracheostomy tubes (TTs) held in the correct location to ensure that the airway is ventilated appropriately.

Giving sets that prevent air entrapment

Products that address the risk that when administering a drug from a rigid glass container air could enter the blood stream via the giving set, once the drug has been infused.

Hospital curtain closure and infection control

Solutions to the problem of closing hospital curtains and minimising infection risk.

Position system for hospitalised neonates

Products to assist positioning babies in Intensive Care Units aimed at reducing postural anomalies and misshapen heads.

Pressure relieving cushion/lining for car seat

Products to address the risk of disabled and ill children developing pressure areas when in a car seat for prolonged periods.

Search commences for innovative solutions to transform cancer screening and diagnosis

A search for innovations with the ability to transform cancer screening, and facilitate earlier and faster diagnosis launches on 25 July 2017. SBRI Healthcare - an NHS England investment fund led...

National Mortality Review Training Dates

Access training to be able to conduct mortality reviews. Delivered by the Royal College of Physicians

Digital child health events project – online survey

Your views are sought in regard to the content of a standard for a digital child health record. To help out please fill in the short survey.
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Disclaimer Disclaimer

The products or services are summarised in these reports as we believe they could benefit you in your services. We have tried to only suggest products or services that we believe may be genuinely helpful. We have not received payment for third party recommendations. The suggestions do not come with a guarantee or warranty of any kind. We have tried to review the literature as thoroughly as possible but we cannot guarantee we have not missed any products or services. You are responsible for their correct use. Note that the product or service may change at any time and is adopted at your own risk and only if you feel it is appropriate for you.